These two case studies are good examples of logos and brands designed by Dan Summers that are capable of being well manifested both in a stationery suite and in a variety of marketing support materials. Ideally, it’s beneficial to know the likely extent of a logo and brand’s ultimate usage when the design process first kicks off!

Great design deserves to be complemented by good words.

At other times, great design is simply not enough and needs to be supplemented by a careful choice of words, whether it is a snappy strapline, clever headline or a few well-chosen sentences to describe your business or product.

At DSD, we combine our creative flair with good words to produce almost everything from business cards to biplane banners. This powerful combination of great design and good words plays a big part in getting your marketing message over, and our aim is to produce effective and practical marketing support materials that are almost too good to bin! This principle is just as important whether it’s a functional presentation folder or an eye-catching advert!

The sound of your brand has never been more important!

Businesses and brands are doing more and more writing to their customers: adverts, direct mail, websites, texts and tweets, not to mention the more traditional brochures and flyers. So, how your brand ‘sounds’ has never been more important.

You’d be surprised just how much the addition of good words, which can dramatically shape people’s perceptions of your business, can complement great design and strengthen your brand’s ‘word of mouth’ as an effective and enduring marketing tool.

Brand writing is often a missed opportunity and the best brands make their ‘tone of voice’ part of their thinking right from the start; so why not build it into the design brief given to DSD at the beginning of the process?

A world without good grammar?

In a world of emails, texts and tweets, knowing where to put commas, semi-colons and hyphens is fast becoming a dying art. When it comes to writing copy to accompany great design or websites the demand for good grammar still exists, but often falls short of the mark. Even the spellchecker on your PC is not infallible. Read and enjoy the Spelling Checker poem.

Depending on your requirements, we can either write new copy or, better still, creatively edit and proofread your existing marketing messages to generate more impact. There are exceptions to virtually every rule in English Grammar, added to which there will always be style issues and personal preferences. Above all else, we seek to achieve consistency within each piece of work.

At DSD, we aim to combine fresh new design ideas with cleverly-crafted and grammatically-correct copywriting. If you believe that first impressions still count for something, then we try to add the finishing touch!

We believe that this really sets us apart from the crowd! If you have seen or read anything you like on this page which may help to promote your business or organisation, please give us a call right now!

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